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What is a will?

Who may make a will?

How is a will made?

May I change my will after I have signed it?

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What is a revocable trust?

Why should I consider incorporating a revocable trust into my estate plan?

Is use of a revocable trust the only way I can avoid probate?

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What is probate?

Why is probate necessary? 

What does probate involve? 

How much does probate cost?

How long does probate take?

Do I need a will?

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What is a health care power of attorney?

Who can I appoint to make health care decisions for me?

Can I use a health care power of attorney to name … Continue reading

What does it mean when someone dies “intestate”?

What is the role of the probate court?

Who handles the estate?

What are the duties of an administrator of … Continue reading